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The Maiden Voyage (And Maiden Breakdown): Los Angeles to Seattle

Helloooo internet! As (I think) I mentioned before, the She-Beast’s first trip included quite an epic fail. Read on for the story about the maiden voyage. In short, here’s what happened: We got stuck for 17 hours only ONE HOUR outside of LA on the side of a very busy portion of I-5 with huge …

diy half table and striped bench via monrogue
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DIY Furniture: Half Table & Striped Bench from Desk & Coffee Table

Hello DIY and nail addicts!! I have been meaning to post this/these project(s) for ages. Once upon a time, I found a GINORMOUS desk outside of a job interview.  I’m crazy and awesome, so we picked it up! Luckily my boyfriend had driven me in his giant creeper van, so in classic style, we threw …

dollar store christmas trinkets

Christmas on the Cheap: Dollar Store Decorating

Christmas is almost here – I’m sure you’re already being visually assaulted from all direction with Christmas decor and style.  Well, I’m here to throw a bit more at you. 😉 You see, this is the first apartment I’ve had where I live with a boyfriend (a boyfriend who has great taste, nonetheless), rather than …